Because he was protecting his convictions

We tend to come off too harsh

when we try to protect our own convictions.

“Why does the government force people against their will?”

So goes Peter’s rant on his Facebook wall.

It happens every single day.

And I do see him struggle a lot.

He couldn’t come inside malls and restaurants

because he chose not to be vaccinated.

Well I’m not here to discuss the issue.

Point of the matter is that Peter comes off so strongly

because he’s actually trying to protect his own conviction.

How can I be so sure?

Well, I was a lot like Peter before.

So I really couldn’t blame him.

In fact, it’s actually challenging to blame Peter.

He’s right in so many ways.

And more than a decade ago…

I have honestly believed that people ought to get the logic behind veganism right away.

I think the same thing has gone on and on inside Peter’s mind.

But he’s angry.

You could feel that.

His words seem like a breath of frustration

every single day.

When he posts, it could go so long.

He could talk on and on and on.

He would even provide scientific studies to back his point up.

Good thing he doesn’t shout to people on video.

He’s quite decent, by the way, and good-looking too. Haha.

Well, I kind of feel guilty not helping him fight his battles.

I honestly would love to befriend Peter.

Of course that’s not his real name, you should realize by now.

Thing is, we’ve exchanged a few chats.

Chats on Messenger. Just for fun.

I think we got some common friends, too.

We’re both vegans in the Philippines, after all.

So there, there.

It’s just a little more challenging to be vegan in the Philippines, I think.

If you compare it to the UK, that is.

And there will be definite challenges because…

Uhm, it’s not a very health-conscious country.

People here just want to have some fun.

And going vegan isn’t always fun, no matter how much we try to make it appear so.

I’d want to make it sound enjoyable, sure.

I can do that.

But the gloomy weather today just seemed to interrupt my mood.

So anyway…

It’s so cool I can write on my phone like this.

Just dumping thoughts about this lifestyle.

The vegan lifestyle, I mean.

You know that feeling when…

Sometimes you simply want to succumb to your melancholia—

I suppose that’s the case today.

You get the cloudy feels.

When you couldn’t seem to figure out why Gutenberg is not working on your laptop…

and you just installed the latest version of WordPress

and even added Jetpack because,

well, Site Stats are cool.

And Jetpack is the very thing that allows you to try writing using the block editor here.

On your phone.

Yeah, exactly.

That’s me, on this phone.

So yep, I’m amused.

Wait—I thought this was going to be about Peter.

Or maybe I was just trying to do a rant.

Just blurting things out because tech can be frustrating.

As much as it is frustrating to deal with inconsiderate people.

Now that’s the part where Peter did struggle a lot.

He still feels the challenge today, by the way.

The only difference is that he’s now a little more willing to give in.

We would call that compromise.

No one likes it, really.

Sad to say he has to go to through it anyway.

So yeah.

Peter turned out to be vaxxed now.

He couldn’t continue attending to his vegan business and processing pertinent papers without the certified vaxxed card.

Of course he has posted about it and he was literally sad.

And angry at the same time.

How I wish I could say I couldn’t believe it.

But nah, I kind of think he would go down that path anyway.


He’s fine now, I feel.

At least I know he’s still gonna be vegan.

Of course, of course!

He creates amazing veganized versions of classic Filipino meat favorites.

He’s amazing like that.

I kind of like him. Haha.

Oops. If I could be so vulnerable…

Oh well. Enough said.

I’m gonna have to go out now.

Do a Racket.

(ever heard of it? I’ll talk about it next time)

Anyway, I’ll catch up with you soon.

I’m actually looking forward to writing emails like this.

If you’ve read this far, would you be interested to sign up?

Let me know in the comments.


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