She’s not (yet) vegan, but she already has the heart of one

Here’s another tribute to Ana V.

I just thought of making the joke—

that the “V” in “Ana V” stands for “vegan.”


Well honestly, I find it cute.

Today’s article will be all about Ana and how I’d relate that to the vegan lifestyle.

It’s her birthday today, that’s why.

Now before anything else, in case you didn’t know…

Ana is my favorite banana buddy.

I call her B1, and she calls me B2.

Together, we’ve founded Tuesdays with B1 and B2.

We don’t have super fixed plans about whatever we’re doing yet.

But we both love working together on just about anything.

And now, the tribute to Ana V and veganism.

I’d actually like the thought of inviting Ana to try vegan food.

But just like her, I’m not into forcing things my way.

As much as I love encouraging people to go vegan, I won’t coerce.

I can only draw.

And why do I choose that?

Well, I believe in love.

I believe that’s the core foundation of veganism.

And as much as we don’t want the animals and the planet to suffer…

We also don’t want to kill people with coercion.

As much as animals have sentience, so does humankind.

Each individual is free to choose.

And each human being has the right to make intelligent choices.

Intelligent—now that’s a keyword.

Ana is intelligent.

She’s brilliant.

And while she doesn’t know everything yet, her desire for knowledge will be to her a faithful friend.

She has—within her cognitive preferences—the ability to process a web of concepts, principles, and practical applications.

That’s why I know she will one day understand and really get veganism for what it is.

People such as Ana take time.

They take time to take in things.

Inner core values are their primary decision drivers.

These set of core values grow as they learn through life experiences.

Ana’s core values have evolved through time, but they don’t get swayed too easily.

That’s why I’m confident that once she gets it, she really gets it.

And that’s why people like her are a power for good.

And that’s exactly why I can afford to wait on her.

She already has the heart of a vegan.

The heart of compassion.

The spirit of authenticity.

The mind that deeply thinks and rethinks and thinks again.

She’ll get there.

In fact, today, on her birthday…

It’s fascinating to witness her trying out Shakey’s Goood Salisbury Steak.

It’s a happy birthday indeed. Even for me. 😉

Happy Birthday, B1 Ana! 🎂💕💚

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