Thank you, blessed year 2021

Karen Crystal in blue shirt

I started to count all my blessings

The ones I’ve received in 2021

But then I have felt a lot overwhelmed

With the joy and gladness I have then found

There simply are, it turns out, too many

Too many blessings to count and to share

When I begin to recall, I simply cry and lose

I get lost in the sea of freedom I bear

I have borne sorrows

But they’re so much lighter now

The doors that had closed before me

Were doors I’d no longer face with a frown

When I let go of chasing

It was when I started dreaming

My dreams became so much more meaningful

They’re now the kinds that were worth believing

I’ve since then chosen love and embraced it as a parent

As a principle whose child is born flowing and free

Before it the robe of selfishness in twain goes rent

In pieces the struggle now bows low with glee

In 2021 my thoughts were brought high and low

My mind finally caught up with what it means to flow

I’ve met amazing people who have inspired me to grow

In 2022 I’ll at last arrive where I’ve been meaning to go

Life is much more abundant if you would only consider

The happiness that its Author longs to truly to you bring

If you could only see the beauty from the ashes yonder

I prophesy that in your heart you’d also smile and sing

I rejoice for every single day that’s brought me here

I celebrate the redirections that have come upon my way

My skies are calmer now because of the Logos Himself

What more could I exclaim and what more could I say!

Today I believe, I follow, I decide, I flee

From the darkness that’s kept me blind all the way

Today there’s a new path that lies so much brighter before me

I now choose to embrace freedom, flow, and focus any day!

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